Wind River Brewing Co. is one of a few hundred small craft brewing companies operating in the country.  We are carefully brewing beer on a 20 barrel (620 gallon) system.  Just to put our size in perspective Budweiser brewery will spill more beer in one day than we can brew in one day.  Wind River Brewing Co. uses only the finest quality ingredients in the brewing process.  Many of these ingredients are imported from the U.K. and Germany.  The water we use in the brewing process from our local glacier fed lake is very special, testing 98.9% pure, we do not alter or adjust the chemistry of the water at all.  All the beers we produce are Ales. The majority of these Ales are English style ales.  We try to brew our ales true to style with a bit of our own style added for distinction.

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Wind River Blonde Ale is a pale golden beer that is lively, light and refreshing. It is the first bere to be packaged in a can in the State of Wyoming.
5.0% A.B.V.
There are three different recognized styles of Bitter Ale: Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter & Extra Special Bitter (ESB). The only noticeable difference in these styles is the level of Hop presence. Buckin' Bitter is an Ordinary Style bitter.  Brewed with crystal and caramel malted barley this beer features moderate sweetness and a noticeable hop character. Slightly bitter with a bit of floral hop aroma this is a good introduction to the more robust English ale styles we brew.
5.6% A.B.V.

An American Amber Ale style beer. This amber ale is full of sweet malty flavors and a heavy dose of complex hop flavors and aromas. Deep copper in color.  Because this is an American Amber Ale style beer it features strong American citrus and floral hop aromas.
A hybrid Pale Ale as big as Wyoming! An extremely large dose of American, English and Special Northwest hops makes this brew the hoppiest of them all. This beer is dry hopped which adds a copious amount of hop aroma and resinous sweetness to its beautiful malty body. 7.2% A.B.V.
English Pale Ale style beer. Similar to the bitter just a larger amount of the same malted barley is used. The hops we use in this beer are imported from England and added in generous amounts throughout the boil to create a complex hop profile. This slightly sweet beer finishes with a very refreshing hop presence.
5.7% A.B.V.
Not the "Darkest" beer we brew but the strongest.  T.K.O. Is an Old Ale style beer pushing Barley Wine status. TKO is brewed using malted barley from England, Germany, and the U.S.. This ale uses more than double the malted barley we use in the production of the Kolsch.  The result is a very sharply alcoholic but surprisingly smooth ale.  Many caramel, candy like and slightly roasted malt flavors come through fairly dry and slightly balanced by moderate hop bitterness.
12.5% A.B.V.
A South German Style Hefeweizen (With Wheat) This malted wheat based ale has a cloudy straw color appearance. This is an unfiltered wheat ale featuring hints of banana and clove flavors and aromas.  These interesting flavors are a byproduct of the Weinstephan yeast strain we use to brew this beer. Served with Lemon or Orange wedge.
5.2% A.B.V.
Mangos grown in a secret location in Pinedale are infused into our Weiss beer, making a very refreshing, surprisingly fruity wheat ale.   
5.2% A.B.V.
Another twist on the Weiss beer. Raspberry infused for a bright refreshing summer quencher.
5.2% A.B.V.
A brown porter by style.  This beer is actually deep red in color. It is also a very light beer. Porter gets its dark appearance from chocolate and roasted malted barley. This malt gives our porter some sweet chocolate flavors. This ale is very lightly hopped and finishes slightly dry.
An Oatmeal Stout by style. This is a fairly large beer. Very dark in color.  This big malty beer is filled with complex flavors which include, caramel, toffee, coffee, and espresso flavors.  The addition of 150 pounds of oatmeal to this brew helps smooth out all those complex flavors creating a slightly creamy mouth feel. This beer is hopped just enough to balance out the high level of sweetness in this beer.
7.4% A.B.V.

A combination of two great beers, Gayle Force and Buckin' Bitter
5.5% ABV

Wind River Brewing Co. is a licensed wholesaler of malt beverages in the state of Wyoming. We are currently self distributing our beer. This means we will personally bring the beer directly to you. We are also qualified to diagnose, service and install draft beer systems. Please place all orders with Richard Strom at 307.367.2337


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